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Our Staff

All staff employed by UPA Sydney Region have formal qualifications in Aged Care and complete ongoing training on topics specific to ageing, including Dementia. The team includes a specialist Clinical Nurse Consultant who oversees the care for people diagnosed with Dementia.

The Registered Nurses are constantly monitoring our residents, looking for signs of unmet needs or changes to their condition, and if identified, work with our care team and specialists to manage those unmet needs while actively supporting a person’s independence.

Home care

Would you like to stay in your own home but are finding it more difficult to do?
Are you noticing that tasks which were routine are now taking longer and have become more challenging?
Do you have difficulty in remembering how to do things or where you have placed things?
Or are you caring for someone with dementia and finding it harder to deal with each day?

For people living with dementia or a cognitive impairment, or people caring for them, life can indeed be challenging.

Many people with dementia can stay in their own home with support from family carers, community nurses or paid care workers.

UPA Sydney Home Care can help you stay at home and support your independence, lifestyle and wellbeing. We can develop strategies and varied services for your individual needs and preferences and keep you an active member of your local community.

We have a multidisciplinary team ready to meet your needs, including trained Care Workers, Registered Nurses, Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists. Your qualified Coordinator will have regular contact with your GP and treating Geriatrician to ensure a holistic approach to supporting you and your family with the diagnosis of Dementia. We will walk this journey with you

UPA Sydney Region employs a Clinical Nurse Consultant specialising in Dementia, who oversees all aspects of care to ensure best practice.

Residential Care

Within our Residential Care homes, we have a multidisciplinary team consisting of Registered Nurses, lifestyle consultants, qualified care staff, chaplains and Managers who work together to identify important services ensuring residents and their families have a well-supported and seamless journey of care. The care that you access is based on your individual needs, provided with respect, dignity and inclusion.

We value you as an individual and understand that everyone’s journey with Dementia is different and unique. We will partner with you, your family, GP and allied health team to ensure you experience a meaningful and enabled life in a community which is familiar and comfortable.

All our homes offer a homely feel, stunning sensory gardens and welcoming, qualified staff. You will also have access to physiotherapy, podiatry, speech therapy, dietetics, dedicated general practitioners and ready support from Dementia Support Australia. We offer a lifestyle program seven days a week, enabling you to engage in meaningful and enjoyable activities every day.  This includes bus outings, entertainers, social events with families, trivia, games, reminiscence, one-on-one time and much more…….

UPA Sydney Region employs a Clinical Nurse Consultant specialising in Dementia, who oversees all aspects of care to ensure best practice. Some of the initiatives we use are:

We use colour and imagery in our homes allowing residents to engage independently in social spaces and allow them to feel at home.

  • Diversionary images have been placed on all doors.
  • We include sensory activities, such as reminiscence boxes, pictures of iconic buildings and places and pet therapy with dogs and chickens. This stimulates cognitive recognition.
  • Homely and comfortable areas to encourage social activity as well as interaction with families such as café’s, lounges and library areas.
  • Interactive activities and spaces such as the Men’s Shed and kitchens where residents can prepare and cook meals.
  • Providing meaningful and purposeful activities such as gardening, sweeping, folding the laundry and setting up the dinner tables. These activities promote feelings of achievement and accomplishment.
  • Spacious and private ensuite rooms ready for personal and familiar items from home.
  • Our staff will provide you with personalized care based on your unique needs.

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