If you are a Gold Card or White Card holder with low care needs, DVA’s Veterans’ Home Care (VHC) program can assist you to continue living in your home by providing you with a small amount of practical help. The VHC Program also assists carers in recognition of the vital role they play in the veteran and defence community.

By way of explanation, a small amount of practical help refers to low-level support services provided at a low intensity on a short-term or ongoing basis, or increased intensity on a short-term or episodic basis. Eg. After an episode of acute care, the intensity can be increased to assist with recovery.

The VHC program provides a range of home care services designed to maintain your health, wellbeing and independence. For information on complex or high-level care needs refer to Navigating Aged Care.

DVA has contracted organisations to provide assessment and coordination of VHC services (known as VHC Assessment Agencies) and contracted organisations to deliver VHC services (known as VHC Service Providers) across Australia.

VHC Assessment Agencies

VHC Assessment Agencies assess your needs and approve services if appropriate. Where services are approved, the VHC Assessment Agency, in consultation with you, will arrange services with a contracted VHC Service Provider. A VHC Care Plan will then be sent to you.

Service approvals are usually for six-month periods. You are then subsequently reassessed and further approvals are dependent on the outcome of that review assessment.

VHC Service Providers

VHC Service Providers, like UPA Sydney Home Care, deliver the services approved by VHC Assessment Agencies. The VHC Service Provider will also collect a copayment from you, only when it is stated on your VHC Care Plan.

VHC Service Providers are not required to establish eligibility, assess service needs, determine levels of copayments, make changes to services or approve additional or new services. However, if a VHC Service Provider believes that your needs have changed, they can refer you to the VHC Assessment Agency for a reassessment of your needs.

Services offered under VHC

VHC services include:

  • Domestic Assistance
  • Personal Care
  • Safety-related Home and Garden Maintenance
  • Respite Care

In addition, Social Assistance services as part of the Coordinated Veterans’ Care (CVC) Program are provided through the VHC Program.

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